Choosing to help  people feel better as a career was a transformative thing. The most amazing part is that it continues to be. I feel so lucky that I get to help you and others regain balance and flexibility. It’s fun, it’s challenging, it’s rewarding, and every day is so different. My passion began with culture and Anthropology. I wanted to understand our Alexi-headshots-0839past and our evolution so that I could help shape where we are all headed together. After doing some work as an Ethnographer for an Applied Anthropology firm I felt I needed work that was more hands-on, I wanted to get to the helping more quickly. I found Rolfing and the world of healing arts. It was the perfect beginning to a life dedicated to service and the potential of the human spirit embodied. Our potential is more easily expressed when we are at ease in our bodies. Let’s work together!

Alexi’s Experience:

  • Graduated from the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration
  • Worked at The Ashram Spain
  • Rolfing and Trauma
  • Mentored with Mary Bond Certified Advanced Rolfer
  • Assisted with Unit II with Valerie Berg
  • Private Practice in Los Angeles 2008-2014